These four simple words define the Factory Direct approach.

Sure, others will make this same claim but here’s the difference. At you won’t find any fancy showrooms or high price, pushy sales people We won’t charge you for your hot tub “shopping experience”. Here, you’ll find a wide selection of the best quality hot tubs available on the market today – and at prices those fancy retailers can’t match.

The Factory Direct approach is built on 25 years’ experience in the hot tub industry and 25 years of building solid relationships with the select manufacturers whose quality products we choose to carry. We purchase from these manufacturers in volume and we pass the resulting price savings on to our customers.

And, no, we don’t sell patio furniture. We don’t sell fireplaces. We don’t sell gazebos or barbecues. We sell Hot Tubs. and swim spas. We service what we sell. It’s what we do. It’s what we know. It’s why you want to deal with us.

For 25 years, now, we’ve been happily supplying hot tubs in Alberta to satisfied customers all over Canada and we look forward to continuing to do the same for the next 25 years.