The Pacific Spas brand of hot tubs has been manufactured for over 40 years.  Pacific Spas are distributed though its home office in Edmonton, AB and Manufactured in Tofield, AB Canada

With over 40 years of pool and spa expertise resulting in sales in over 15 countries, generations of return business are a true testament to our quality and credibility.

Pacific Spas delivers unsurpassed value

In True Comfort and Pro-health Hydrotherapy

As soon as you step in to a Pacific Spa, you’ll feel the difference of a truly master crafted spa. The interior

of a Pacific hot tub is specially engineered to maximize people space. Pacific offers generous space

between seats and an impressively large foot well for natural seating, maximum foot room, and easier

movement within the spa. Imagine yourself immersed to your shoulders in one of Pacific’s impressively

deep 40″ tubs. Not only is a Pacific spa designed to keep your entire body enjoying the warm waters,

maximum comfort is provided through a variety of ergonomically contoured seating configurations

including armrests and lounger option. Pacific Spas has collaborated with licensed chiropractors to design

the perfect jetting and seating configurations to provide you with a deep tissue massage. In combination

with heat therapy, Pacific’s Posiflow jets target the body’s natural stress-relieving points, helping to

increase the body’s circulation while reducing tension. Enjoy the holistic powers of reflexology and

chromotherapy (a therapy that uses coloured lights to improve both the physical and emotional level of

the body) in spa models that contain massaging foot dome and magnificent lighting features.


In Engineering Superiority and Energy Efficiency

Pacific Spas has revolutionized the world of spas by making one of the most innovative, reliable and

energy efficient hot tubs on the market.

Similar to a vehicle, true energy efficiency can only be achieved when all the combined components

are designed to operate optimally together. At Pacific Spas, our “under the hood” exclusive Peak Flow

Engineering delivers ultimate performance through the highest degree of cooperative proficiency with our

Posiflow jets, Accuflow plumbing, and control systems. In all spas the greatest power consumption is in

the control system and pumps. To be the most energy efficient, all of our spas are equipped with a highly

efficient Quiet Energy Circulation System. Rather than have a high speed jet pump kicking on periodically

when the water cools, the Quiet Energy Circulation System operates continually, saving you money

through reduced heater usage by maintaining a constant water temperature. Lowering operating costs

also requires efficient heat retention. With Pacific’s high rated tri-foam insulation barrier averaging an R24

rating, the entire cabinet space under the shell is filled to preserve ideal temperature conditions. Topside

heat loss is minimized with Pacific’s insulating Enduro marine grade certified hot tub cover.


In Ultimate Safety

At Pacific Spas we make family safety a priority. Along with being TÜV, UL, GS and CE certified, standard

in all spas are three tiered integrated stairs with safety light enabling easy entry, cool off seat and wrap

around handrail for safe and secure mobility. Setting standards beyond the industry, Pacific spas include

an automatic extreme temperature shut-off switch to ensure no one enters water too hot for use.

If you family requires additional safety, Pacific provides an optional marine grade certified Walk-On Safety

cover to keep pets, children and adults from falling through the surface.

For Years of Enjoyment

Our hot tubs are hand built to the highest standards and designed to last. Only the best materials are

used to provide an enduring and relaxing experience everyday.

  • Your choice of elegant interior acrylic and exterior cabinet colours

  • A vinyl ester reinforced acrylic shell allows us to offer a lifetime warranty from cracking and blistering

  • Romantic lighting in the Serenity Fountain, Rainbow Falls, and pillows to exquisitely illuminate the top

       side of the tub

  • Incredible sound experience from our Marine grade bluetooth stereo, sub woofer and amp

       with top side remote and embedded speakers

  • Industrial grade reinforced flexible plumbing and fittings

  • High efficiency equipment that is protected with our Inner Armour Equipment Enclosure

  • Heavy-duty pressure treated wood frame purposefully constructed for equal weight distribution and

       with I-beam shock absorbency for long term structural integrity

  • Long lasting exterior durability with Pacific’s maintenance-free removable Evermore synthetic wood

       cabinet with 360 degree access.

  • Overlapping topside spill over edge for water deflection

  • TUFFF Forever Fiberglass Foundation base for underside protection.


In Easy Care

Every Pacific model is constructed for easy care and maintenance. Superior filtration that cleans every

drop at an outstanding 4-5 complete water cycles per hour is provided through Pacific’s Crystal Clear

Binary Filters and Quiet Energy Circulation System. The Crystal Clear Binary Filtration is a comprehensive

superior method of filtering – one filter captures one micron particles and a second traps larger thirty micron

fragments. Combined with our Quiet Energy Circulation System, water is filtered continuously and

economically 24 hours a day for optimal any time hot tub use.

Pacific Spa’s System 3 Purification system, factory installed and warranted, is simply the best and easiest

way to keep your spa water clear and fresh at all times. Using a layered combination of Salt Water

Bromination, Ultra Violet (UV) Purification and CD Ozonation, the System 3 reduces maintenance and

uses fewer chemicals to keep your spa water in perfect balance. It lowers maintenance requirements

since it keeps water clean up to 3 times longer than standard industry systems. A simple weekly check of

the pH, alkalinity and regular filter rinsing are all that is required.

When it is time to do regular draining and cleaning, Pacific Spas makes it effortless. Standard with every

model is a floor drain with a hose bib for quick and trouble-free draining.

All Pacific Spas are packaged and delivered in a purposeful environmentally sound all season spa storage

bag. This reusable protective cover, made of a durable polyester reinforced fabric, minimizes waste and

provides individuals who use their spa seasonally or who take extended trips, an effective barrier between

your spa and the damaging effects of rain, snow and sun. The all season spa storage bag is designed for

quick and easy reuse; it simply slides on top of your spa’s insulated cover and folds down around the spa’s

cabinet panels or complete spa protection.

2-3 Person
Volume 255 Gal/1000 l
Weight 2,525 lbs/1,112kg
6-7 person
Volume 450 gal/1700 l
Weight 4545 lbs/2,062 kg
5-6 person
Volume 422 gal/1600 l
Weight 4317 lbs/1958 kg
6-7 person
Volume 407 gal/1540 l
Weight 3990 lbs/1862 kg
4-5 person
Volume 385 gal/1460 l
Weight 3810 lbs/1728 kg
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